Why Fiber Makes a Difference

  • Published 2021-05-04

Fiber-optic broadband is the highest quality infrastructure for broadband available. Constructed of tiny transparent fibers, information travels through the cable at the speed of light. The only thing that limits the speed is the technology that is connected to it, making fiber incredibly future-enabling. Fiber also immediately improves speed and reliability. Read more to learn about the benefits of community-owned fiber-to-the-home infrastructure.

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The Value of Community-owned Infrastructure

  • Published 2021-05-03

Holland Board of Public Works is a community-owned utility. That means we are part of the City of Holland and owned by our rate payers. “As a community-owned, not-for-profit entity, Holland BPW turns each dollar our customers spend into the services provided for them,” (Dave Koster, General Manager). We are fully immersed in our community as public service providers and residents—family, friends, neighbors. This results in a culture of community decision-making, competitive rates, and a distinguished reputation for reliability. The value of community-owned infrastructure is clear when we consider electricity, water and wastewater. However, do the benefits translate when we talk about broadband?

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The Open Access Model Explained

  • Published 2021-05-01

We’ve mentioned Open Access Model several times in our #hollandcommunitybroadband blogs. Here’s an article that provides an explanation about what that means.

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  • Published 2021-04-05

Here’s a list of terms that are helpful to understanding broadband infrastructure. (Next Century Cities. Glossary, 2019)

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Learn about broadband - Fiber v/s Copper

  • Published 2021-04-01

What is fiber? How is it different from copper? This video offers a quick lesson in the differences between the two. https://youtu.be/_Bw2NFBDxR8

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31 MAR

Case Study - Chattanooga, TN

  • Published 2021-03-31

CASE STUDY - Chattanooga is known for it successful broadband infrastructure. Read about the impact community broadband has made there: Read Now

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