• Published 2021-04-05

Here’s a list of terms that are helpful to understanding broadband infrastructure. (Next Century Cities. Glossary, 2019)

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Learn about broadband - Fiber v/s Copper

  • Published 2021-04-01

What is fiber? How is it different from copper? This video offers a quick lesson in the differences between the two. https://youtu.be/_Bw2NFBDxR8

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31 MAR

Case Study - Chattanooga, TN

  • Published 2021-03-31

CASE STUDY - Chattanooga is known for it successful broadband infrastructure. Read about the impact community broadband has made there: Read Now

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29 MAR

Case Study - Ammon's Model

  • Published 2021-03-29

CASE STUDY - As we explore the possibility of expanding fiber-optic broadband to improve internet connectivity in our area, we look at ways other communities have approached this. Check out this video case study about Ammon Idaho to see how that community has been impacted by community-owned broadband.

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