We are expanding the community-owned fiber network throughout the City of Holland! On August 2, 2022, the people of Holland voted to invest in community-owned broadband. Construction of the passing network infrastructure begins the Fall of 2023. This is where we bring fiber down every street, making it accessible to every address in the city.

Check out our Main Page on HPBW's website. 

Fast. Reliable. Community-Owned.

Holland BPW Fiber internet service is available in Downtown Holland and the Cobblestone neighborhood. Use the map above to see if your address is in the Shared Gig area. 

Sign up today to take advantage of the Holland BPW fiber services available in your area. When the millage takes effect in Summer 2024, all existing shared gigabit customers will benefit from the new citywide fiber rates.

Shared Gigabit

$85/ Mo
Let's Go
  • All the bandwidth you need
  • Free standard installation*
  • *Available to Downtown Community

Enhanced Shared Gigabit

$220/ Mo
Let's Go
  • All the bandwidth you need and more
  • Static IP
  • Priority Service
  • Free standard installation*
  • *Available to the Downtown Community

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