Moving Forward

  • Published 2022-08-02

On August 2, 2022, City of Holland voters approved a millage for a city-wide fiber broadband network.

Holland Board of Public Works and the City of Holland committed to providing accurate, clear, and complete information about the plan so City of Holland voters could make an informed decision.

The election results mean that we will move forward with the City Council’s vision for a community-owned fiber optic broadband network. This will ensure all in the City of Holland have access to affordable, high-speed, reliable telecommunications service options.

This is the beginning of a major infrastructure project. Holland Board of Public Works will install fiber optic infrastructure able to handle up to 10 gigabit internet speeds that is accessible to all residents and businesses in the City of Holland. This will provide fast internet not only now but into the future as technology continues to evolve.

We are already taking the next steps, starting with a Request for Proposals to assist HBPW with engineering services. Follow our progress at


  • August 2022 – Referendum
  • Winter 2022 – RFP for Design and Construction Services
  • Spring and Summer 2023 – Vendor Selection, network design
  • Fall 2023 – Construction begins. Construction will take place in phases, with services activated upon completion of each phase.
  • Summer 2024 – Phase 1 Go Live
  • 2026 – Final phases of construction completed